Ruby and Jekyll — A new journey part 1

Ruby and Jekyll — A new journey part 1

Ruby and Jekyll — A new journey part 1

Lately I’ve been learning a lot about a new stack — Ruby, Node.js, Python, and Jekyll… and I wanted to share a few tips on how I got my system ready for development. For this specific environment I’m using OS X. Here is my installation log — step-by-step:

1. Homebrew (OS X) —

To verify version, check installation status, or update — respectively:


Homebrew command library (package):

2. Ruby —

Install RubyGems

Download the gem file at:

Install Imagemagick

3. Node.js —

Display node version, and display npm version — respectively:

4. Python —

5. Jekyll —


Build and Serve website:

Navigate to


Good reference article: Click Here.

On Part 2 I will talk about how to build a simple website/application/blog using Ruby and Jekyll. Cheers!


Lucas Callado

Lucas Callado

Full stack developer, architect and a technical lead in the field of web engineering.
Lucas Callado

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